I am a senior research scientist at Tencent. My research focuses on computer vision: video processing & quality enhancement, AR & special effects, 3D reconstruction, object detection & segmentation, and video understanding. I was with Blackmagic Design in 2016-2019, working on cool features in Emmy™ award winning tool DaVinci Resolve. During 2015 to 2016, I worked at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) on Visual data Modeling and Analysis project. I got my PhD degree from National University of Singapore, working with Prof. Michael S. Brown. I am winner of Singapore IDA medal of year 2016.

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Selected Publications: [Full List on Google Scholar]

Xiaojie Guo, Yu Li, Jiayi Ma, Haibin Ling
Mutually Guided Image Filtering
T-PAMI 2018

Yu Li, Shaodi You, Michael S. Brown, Robby T. Tan
Haze Visibility Enhancement: A Survey and Quantitative Benchmarking
CVIU 2017

Xiaojie Guo, Yu Li, Haibin Ling
LIME: Low-light Image Enhancement via Illumination Map Estimation.
T-IP 2016

Jiangbo Lu, Yu Li, Hongsheng Yang, Dongbo Min, Weiyong Eng, Minh N. Do
PatchMatch Filter: Edge-Aware Filtering Meets Randomized Search for Correspondence Field Estimation.
T-PAMI 2016

Yu Li, Dongbo Min, Minh N. Do, Jiangbo Lu
Fast Guided Global Interpolation for Depth and Motion.
ECCV 2016 (spotlight)
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Yu Li, Robby. T. Tan, Xiaojie Guo, Jiangbo Lu, Michael S. Brown
Rain Streak Removal Using Layer Priors.
CVPR 2016
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Yu Li, Dongbo Min, Michael S. Brown, Minh N. Do, Jiangbo Lu
SPM-BP: Sped-up PatchMatch Belief Propagation for Continuous MRFs.
ICCV 2015 (oral)
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Yu Li, Robby T. Tan, Michael S. Brown
Nighttime Haze Removal with Glow and Multiple Light Colors.
ICCV 2015
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Yu Li, Fangfang Guo, Robby T. Tan, Michael S. Brown
A Contrast Enhancement Framework with JPEG Artifacts Suppression.
ECCV 2014
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Yu Li, Michael S. Brown
Single Image Layer Separation using Relative Smoothness.
CVPR 2014 (oral)
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Yu Li, Michael S. Brown
Exploiting Reflection Change for Automatic Reflection Removal.
ICCV 2013
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Junhong Gao, Yu Li, Tat-Jun Chin, Michael S. Brown
Seam-Driven Image Stitching.
Eurographics (EG) 2013